puppy faceWhen we bought our first Golden Retriever back in 1982 for our family pet, little did we know what we were getting ourselves into! Our 3 & 5 year old wanted a dog, well maybe I wanted a dog, and we bought our first AKC puppy, a Golden Retriever! Goldie....she was a fantastic addition to our family, she was everything a family could ask for, loving, affectionate, we thought she was perfect. Our $50.00 went a long way!

I decided that I wanted a show puppy and in 1985 I brought home Misty and 30 years later, there have been many wonderful Golden's along the way.

In 1985, Legacy Golden's evolved. We are a small kennel, where our Golden's are our pets first, show dogs second. Our main focus in the conformation ring, but we have also put obedience titles on our Golden's as well. I even tried doing field work a few times ;) We show our Golden Retrievers in AKC shows, UKC shows (United Kennel Club) and International shows. Our dogs have AKC/UKC/Int'l Championships on them.

We have only a few litters each year. We breed for something for ourselves first and foremost. We breed for temperament first, since probably 95% of our puppies go into pet/companion homes, and hopefully get some great show prospects in the litter. If we are so lucky to find someone that wants a nice show prospect, that's great, but as long as our puppies go into a home to be a couch potato, that's fine as well.

Legacy Golden Retrievers is located in Glendale, AZ. The Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for a family. They love to please, and ask nothing more than kind words, and maybe a treat ;)

We sell our pet/companion puppies on a spay/neuter contract. All pets are required to be altered by the time they are a year of age.

puppy face 2We will sell show prospects to those who will be committed in putting titles on their dog: Championship, Obedience, Rally, Agility titles. If you can not commit to the time or cost to put titles on your dog, then they need to be your awesome pet.

We will take deposits on a puppy once they are born and we know there is enough males/females in thelitter for those on our waiting list.

If you are interested in talking about getting a Legacy Golden puppy, please use the contact us button to send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If we don't have any puppies or puppies in the near future, we will try and assist you in finding a puppy from a club member in the greater Phoenix area, or somewhere in Arizona with other Golden Retriever breeders.

We occasionally have older puppies, adults looking for homes as well, or possibly another club member, we can assist you looking for them as well.

Pam & Gene Benson
Legacy Golden Retrievers

AKS Breeder of Merit